GameCharts     Steam    Argentum 20
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
July 2022 175 -46 -20.81% 301
June 2022 221 91 70% 497
May 2022 130 129 12% 380
April 2022 1 --- --- 47

About Argentum 20

Argentum 20 is a medieval online role playing game based in fantasy world.

The game features traditional RPG character development with skills, attributes and a selection of races and professions.

The game's fantasy world is called Argentum and there are many towns, cities, dungeons, islands and mysterious places to explore.

Freedom is king in Argentum, players are allowed to attack eachother in non-safe zones. There are however some areas in the world that are safe.

Explore the magical world of Argentum with hundreds of other players! Kill monsters! Grow your character into a powerful lord! All this and much more waiting for you in Argentum 20.