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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    April 2021 278 6 2.21% 522
    March 2021 272 266 4% 979
    February 2021 6 --- --- 106

    About ALTF4

      ALTF4? The Way You Play Games Is Simple!!Become a somewhat clumsy Knight and overcome Trap!!But the way to get there won't be simple.Will you be able to overcome the various traps and irritating terrains in your way?

    • Test your controls!
    • Save systems are not supported!!
    • It's full of exciting background music and annoying traps!
    • You feel like you can do better after you die, don't you?
    • A variety of traps will continue to drive you to death!
    • Think about the thrill of overcoming those traps and clearing the game!
    • After you clear the game for the first time, try to succeed without dying from beginning to end!