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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    September 2021 220 59 36.65% 314
    August 2021 161 105 187.5% 291
    July 2021 56 48 600% 123
    June 2021 8 --- --- 45

    About Airline Manager 4

    Create and manage your own airline strategy
    In this multiplayer aviation simulation game you have the possibility to become bigger than real businesses such as United Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, American Airlines and Ryanair.
    You can even travel while being idle on your couch to a big airport in an amazing city such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, London and Dallas - you don’t even have to fly yourself!

    Choose between 2 game modes: EASY or REALISM. Go the easy way to lower prices and increase profits or challenge yourself with realism where you have to consider the smallest things like the length of airport runways.

    Take the fastest route possible to transport your cargo or passengers. Not by land or sea. But by air. Not by rental car, train, bus or ship. But by aircraft. Buy your fleet of flights and dominate the routes in the skies!

    In Airline Manager 4 you get in-dept...