GameCharts     Steam    A Total War Saga: TROY
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
January 2022 634 -104 -14.09% 1,243
December 2021 738 276 59.74% 1,217
November 2021 462 -272 -37.06% 789
October 2021 734 -1,216 -62.36% 1,704
September 2021 1,950 --- --- 4,665

About A Total War Saga: TROY

In this legendary age, heroes walk the earth. In an act that shocks the world, audacious Paris, prince of Troy, elopes with the beautiful queen of Sparta. As they sail away, King Menelaus curses her name. He vows to bring his wife home – whatever the cost. 

Fight to save or conquer the kingdom of Troy as one of eight iconic heroes, including the infamous warrior Achilles, noble protector Hector, wayward prince Paris and vengeful king Menelaus. 

Lead an army across the fabled lands of the Aegean, recruit special units inspired by creatures of Greek myth, and charge into battle against ferocious foes. 

Build your empire through strategy, statecraft, diplomacy and all-out war, as you conquer this vast and striking recreation of the Bronze Age Mediterranean.