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    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    June 2023 118 -3 -2.48% 155
    May 2023 121 -11 -8.33% 163
    April 2023 132 1 0.76% 215
    March 2023 131 103 367.86% 216
    February 2023 28 --- --- 310

    About 소울 가디언즈

    An exciting adventure in the medieval fantasy world Midgard is waiting for brave warriors.
    Feel the sensation from Action RPG Soul Guardians with your own hands!

    ■Medieval Style Vintage Sensibility
    See and feel like traveling back to the Middle Ages with luxurious colors, neat pixel 2D graphics and delicate background music.

    ■Exciting Gimmick Type Dungeon
    Break through the dungeon by using prepared traps, winds, buttons, and etc. in the dungeon!
    Here are various modes like story mode, Escape king, Flee king, and etc.

    ■Build Your Own Combo Chain Arts
    Before you get bored from repeated skills, build your own combo Chain Arts. Design your own combo skills based on your job choice.

    ■Grand Sports Day with Everyone
    Grand Sports Day comes back every time!
    There are various events to satisfy your taste, including jumping mode, crystal mode, ...