• GameCharts     Steam    麻雀一番街
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    August 2022 0 -103 -100% 0
    September 2022 103 -72 -41.14% 0
    January 2023 175 26 17.45% 492
    December 2022 149 40 36.7% 999
    November 2022 109 -37 -25.34% 259
    October 2022 146 --- --- 239

    About 麻雀一番街

    "Conquer the challenges to be No.1!"

    The competitive urban-style Japanese mahjong app is now live! Battle alongside the lovely ACG characters in-app and against other Riichi mahjong players to conquer Riichi City!


    ◆Free to Play
    It's free to play the basic game modes! Enjoy the real Riichi mahjong games with your friends anywhere, anytime!

    ◆Real-Life Design Elements

    The real-life design elements in the modern Riichi City, such as mahjong houses, cafés, convenience stores and more, bring the realness of playing live Japanese mahjong games to the app! Experience the fierce competition in the fast-paced Japanese mahjong matches!

    ◆ACG Characters with Unique Playing Styles & Personalities
    Meet and bond with the ACG characters in-app, each featuring their own playing styles and personalities, such as aggressive, d...