GameCharts     Steam    花妖物语/Flower girl
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
October 2021 220 131 147.19% 669
September 2021 89 89 --- 668
August 2021 0 --- --- 0

About 花妖物语/Flower girl

[introduction to the game]
Flower girl is a magic theme elimination game. Players will play a "spirit expelling master" who communicates with the world. In order to save their loved ones, they set foot on the way to the legendary flower demon country. On the way, they encounter all kinds of flower demons. It's up to you to destroy them or capture them.

[game features]

◆ rich stories, up to n female master double line plots.

◆ use animation technology to make our character CG move!

◆ exquisite original design, original painting and extraordinary visual feast.

◆ easy decompression features eliminate playing methods, so that you can't stop.

◆ support the whole process of Japanese voice.Character introduction
Name: Ling
CV: 赤身伊織
Character description: naive and lively, curious, so it is often observed by humans, and imagine the image of an elf according to her appearance. Although ordered to prevent humans from enteri...