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    January 2023 134 134 --- 702
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    All of your favorite characters are likely to be assembled here, and you can mix and match whatever combinations you want to create the element of surprise. League Bros. is a super top card battle game, the original self move 2.0 mode, let you have a different experience every battle

    A massive legion battle
    Through card combination, the number of troops can be continuously expanded, and up to 1,000 people can be supported in real-time combat on the same screen, which truly restores the RTS battle scene

    A kaleidoscope of matchups
    More than 90 different races of the corps, more than 60 artifacts skill match. Each one requires the commander to complete a fantastic battle combination based on different artifacts and race class matches to improve combat effectiveness to defeat all opponents

    A variety of game modes, experience different fun
    Level mode: PVE, suitable f...