• GameCharts     Steam    某旅行者的偷拍相册
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    July 2021 9 4 80% 205
    June 2021 5 -3 -37.5% 27
    May 2021 8 5 166.67% 44
    April 2021 3 -3 -50% 21
    March 2021 6 -2 -25% 29
    February 2021 8 -19 -70.37% 36
    January 2021 27 27 --- 207
    December 2020 0 --- --- 0

    About 某旅行者的偷拍相册

    Plot summaryYou will play a traveler, strayed into a castle, the owner of the castle is a candid expert, in the different world travel around the use of magic candid, have a thick album, which is full of treasures!
    You find the photo album, but the photos in the album are sealed in the room, you need to open --The game featuresManga: The plot is shown in the form of cartoon drawings. There are 12 comics, which need to be interpreted by the players themselves.
    Rooms: There are 12 different themed rooms with natural themes such as forest, sea and sky, as well as cosplay themes such as Halloween and pink girls.Gameplay is introducedItems in each room are scrambled by magic, some are hidden, some are placed in a corner of the room, and some need big fish to eat small fish, carefully observe to obtain information to solve the puzzle, each puzzle will successfully solve a cartoon seal.Characters and their Stories

    The butterfly girl & The Spider T...