GameCharts     Steam    旅行こいし: デスクトップ少女 ~ Koishi Navigation Desktop Youkai
Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
August 2022 213 213 --- 475
July 2022 0 --- --- 0

About 旅行こいし: デスクトップ少女 ~ Koishi Navigation Desktop Youkai

Komeiji Koishi, the popular character of Touhou Project, has come to your desktop!
This is a cute desktop pet - Desktop Youkai.
It would be great if everyone who likes Touhou Project or loves Koishi could like her~

CV:闲踏梧桐You Can:Touch her

Feed her

Chat with her

The keywords that will trigger chat statements are in 【maindialogue.xlsx】 in the 【./mods/dialogues】folder
And set up your own unique interactive response

Daily lottery
Just look at today's luck, don't worry about it~

You can watch her disappear on the table, wander around, and sometimes come up with strange lines.(The【Koishi Won't Trick】switch needs to be turned off)
You can also teach her many new dialogues by yourself, or share the documents of teaching dialogues with others.
How will the monster girl from the ground respond to your gr...