• GameCharts     Steam    恐惧之间 Fear surrounds
    Month Avg. Players Gain % Gain Peak Players
    July 2021 1,833 -642 -25.94% 4,939
    June 2021 2,475 -448 -15.33% 5,874
    May 2021 2,923 -169 -5.47% 6,639
    April 2021 3,092 1,208 64.12% 7,359
    March 2021 1,884 1,872 15% 6,970
    February 2021 12 --- --- 447

    About 恐惧之间 Fear surrounds


    3D horror werewolf kill, two evil people possessed by evil spirits hide among you, finish the task before the evil spirits kill all the good people, or find out the evil spirits to sacrifice.


    Human's goal

    1. Complete all tasks in the game scene and win

    2. Be careful that everyone around you may be a werewolf. Pay attention to their movements

    3. Werewolves can only kill one person at a time

    4. Whenever someone is killed, they must go to the conference room for a meeting, otherwise they will be swallowed up by the alien world and die

    5. When voting at the meeting, the person with the largest number of votes can be sacrificed, and the werewolf can win if all of them are sacrificed

    (analyze whether someone is good or bad through their behavior. If you make a wro...