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    January 2023 938 938 --- 5,853
    December 2022 0 --- --- 0

    About 天外武林 (Traveler of Wuxia)

    Traveler of Wuxia is a deck-buiding roguelite game witch combine the plot twist from the wuxia novel and the variety of martial arts. Through this game, you can explore a wuxia world that you never experience.

    DeckBuilder and ComboHit
    There are hundreds of cards in this big wuxia world. It will be hard to learn all of it, so you better choose wisely. In every adventure, you will find new event and new martial arts move to discover. With the cards be find, you will find out the hidden combo between different cards. Only the true master who learn the martial arts combo, can be the champion of the wuxia world.

    Memorable Teammates
    In this chaotic world, the young hero needs to find the lost relic. It's a hard hard trip, but you will find teammates with different feature. Learning your teammates moves, might let the battle be more easy.

    Various Event and Characters
    In the wuxia world of Heluo, hundreds of...