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    April 2021 142 142 --- 368
    March 2021 0 --- --- 0

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    "Next Jianghu I", pure martial arts sandbox single game! (at present, four large DLCs have been released in succession: Fengqi southwest, Luocheng wind, Dangkou storm, Jingfeng Cangyin record) It integrates exploration and challenge, martial arts adventure, martial arts collection, teammate cultivation, school building, and identity playing methods to realize your own swordsman dream. Next Jianghu I: official group: (group 1: 978574834; group 6: 751450728) Player exchange, official interaction, opinion collection. [game features] 1. One week's eyes: small shrimps wandering in the world - multi branches and multi endings. There are more than 20 endings waiting for you to explore. Behind each event, you will be faced with a variety of choices, and different choices will bring you different fates. Whether you are the leader of the Wulin alliance, or the devil dominates the right path, or even the Duke of the East...