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    February 2021 3 --- --- 20

    About INFINITE VERSUS - Open Beta

    Community Content & GameplaySee what's trending within the infinite versus community. Members can upload content to the community website to promote videos, showcase mods & show off playthroughs.

    Full Mod Support
    Our discord provides resources for modders to use. Template mods for characters, stages, audio, assists, and stories are all available to the community along with a detailed tutorial to guide new modders. Discord also provides users with a community to ask questions and collaborate with. All public mods are available for download in-game, without the need to restart or log-in to an account.

    ESCAPE When the escape meter is full, players can activate an escape. Escape maneuvers can be used to counter projectiles, cross large distances, or catch unsuspecting players off guard. When an escape is triggered, the controlled character will teleport behind the opponent.

    ACTIVATE RAGE MODE When the ...