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October 2021 81 81 --- 228
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About 巴哈姆特2-龍之新娘

Clear's legendary adventure will begin again!
3000 years ago, due to the human great wizard Aldia sealed Bahamut in his body, after his body degenerated into a baby, he was put in the box of time sealing, waiting for the long 3000 years to pass, and then he was After the mysterious man opened the sealed box and found Bahamut’s baby in his body, for some ulterior reason, he brought it back to raise and grew up. The baby was named Clear, and his adventures after he grew up. , Which is the story of Bahamut 1.
And when Clear sealed Bahamut again, and degenerated into a baby again, the second time when Clear became an adult, it was the story of Bahamut 2-The Bride of the Dragon.Game Features1. Rich career system: A richer career system than a generation, including three stages of basic occupations, advanced occupations and compound occupations. There are a total of 28 occupations that can be transferred. Each occupation can be transferred as long as it meets the requirements. A...